About AL-FAROOQUE Pandikkad

Al Farooque English Medium School comes under Kidmathul Islam Sangam, started with an aim to eradicate the educational backwardness of the children of the Pandikkad Panchayath and its suburbs. Needless to say, this is the one and only institution affiliated to CENTRAL BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION, NEW DELHI in the Pandikkad Panchayath. We provide high quality and creative ideas through knowledge transformation to students. We are committed in providing to the students with the best facilities to develop their mind, body, intellect and soul. We try to inculcate feeling of patriotism, brotherhood and national integration in students. The institution is being developed and transformed into a quality school with some of the special features. At the same time not making the schooling very expensive for the parents. The quality of teaching is always kept at a reasonably high standard by appropriate teacher- pupil relationship.

The institution aims at having a common well prepared syllabus and good text books based on CBSE. The school has a well equipped library enriching the habit of reading in children. The Science labs, Computer lab and Smart class are strictly confirming to the CBSE standards.

The religious education provided by this institution is strictly based on the theme of Ahlu-Sunnath-Val-Jamaat.


Al Farooque English School visualizes to be the most efficient child centered educational institution of national repute which optimizes human potentials with strong sense of values.

Create space and identity for every child under our care and transform him/her into a productive global citizen who is scholastically competent and sensibly humane.


Make the qualitative education accessible to ordinary people and strengthen the marginalized people around the locality.

Co-Scholastic Activities

The school has always identified the need for co-scholastic activities to develop in the students a sense of leadership, self-confidence and healthy competition. Above all a healthy living style is inculcated in the minds of students through regular activities such as yoga, sports and games.

Madrassa Education

We provide a good religious education, i.e. Madrassa education. We try to nurture Islamic values in children, at the same time we ensure the religiosity of all children in their respective religion. We carry children to nearby Masjid for mandatory prayers.

Madrassa syllabus is based on Ahlu Sunna recognized by SKIMVB (Reg. No. 8286). SKIMVB ascertains the quality of Madrassa education through its continuous mentoring and monitoring system


Admission is given to students who are eligible irrespective of caste, creed and gender. The school follows its procedure of assessing the quality and eligibility of the student who seeks admission to the school.